Kapil Sharma talks about his spine injury, says ‘had to take my show off-air, started feeling helpless’!


Kapil Sharma made a comeback on the TV screens in August with the most popular serial The Kapil Sharma show. 

But before making a comeback, a wheelchair-bound video of Kapil created a lot of buzz among fans in February, speculating what went wrong with him. 


Now, on the occasion of World Spine Day on Saturday, comedian has spilled the beans about his health conditions and talked about his spine injury due to which his show went off air as it kept him bed-ridden. He also urged everyone to pay attention of the signs which their body. 


A video which was shared by celebrity paparazzo Viral Bhayani has gone viral on social media and has garnered a lot of attention from fans from all the corners of the world. 

Describing the incident through a recently released video, Kapil said, “It first happened in 2015. I did not know much back then, I was in the US at the time. I met a doctor as I was in a lot of pain, so the doctor gave me epidural. I had relief from the pain but the root cause of the problem remained the same. I then faced it again this January.”

He went on saying, “The thing with the spine is that it is the core of everything. Any problem in the spine means everything comes to a standstill. I had many plans, I had to stall and pull down my show off air because of my injury.”

Throwing more light on the incident, Kapil said, “Your behaviour changes in such a scenario, you get irritated because you feel helpless. You can’t even get up from the bed. Then you are also told that you might gain weight because you are just lying on bed. You are also asked to go on a liquid diet…You are already in pain and then you are supposed to eat only salads, the pain doubles up. I faced all of these things.”


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