Kabir Khan recalls spine-chilling interview with Taliban member, says ‘he looked straight into the camera and said..’


New Delhi: Director Kabir Khan recalls a chilling incident related to the Taliban in light of the group taking over Afghanistan. In a recent interview with a leading daily, he revealed that he had once interviewed a Taliban member in 2001 and his words left him terrified to the core.

He told Hindustan Times, “It makes me remember one little incident from my documentary, where we were interviewing some of the Taliban members in 2001 post the 9/11 incident. And one senior Taliban member just looked straight into my camera, said, ‘You think we are gone, we will be back’. The confidence with which he said at that time sent chills down my spine. And now, when I remember that statement, it haunts me.”

Talking about the Taliban returning to power, he said, “All of this is bizarre that after 20 years an organisation like the Taliban can come back.”

Bollywood filmmaker Kabir Khan is well known for making a number of films in Afghanistan such as Kabul Express and several documentaries such as Taliban years and Beyond and The Titanic Sinks in Kabul.

He was quite interested in the Taliban and Afghanistan which is what motivated him to bring the story of Afghanistan to the mainstream audience with Kabul Express.

In another recent interview, he had revealed that one of the actors who starred in Kabul Express reached out to him for help. He expressed that the actor was an aggressive critic of the Taliban. Khan said that he had reached out to him for help after the Taliban ransacked his home.

Kabir Khan is best known for his unique Bollywood flicks such as New York, Ek Tha Tiger, Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Phantom and Tubelight.

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