Joshua Caleb Johnson: Want to model Chadwick Boseman’s legacy


Joshua Caleb Johnson is all of 15, but he is charged up to make a difference when it comes to inclusivity in Hollywood. For this, The Good Lord Bird star child actor wants to follow the same path as his model, late actor Chadwick Boseman, once walked on.

“I want to model Chadwick’s legacy by doing the same thing that he did for me, which is to inspire young people and inspire everyone to be whatever they want to be to the fullest. If you want to be an actor, then go ahead, you just have to put in the hard work, the dedication, and whatever it takes to be an actor. If you want to be an entrepreneur or a businessman, you can become that,” Johnson tells us.

He continues, “I want to be able to inspire kids. If I can just touch one kid out of hundreds, I will feel I have succeeded. There are many kids who don’t have motivation, or people who believe in them. They don’t have a support system at home. So if I can influence someone to pursue their dream, I think I have done well”.

The actor, who was last seen in a socially relevant comedy-horror Bingo Hell, part of Welcome to the Blumhouse series, also calls him an activist for the Black Lives Matter movement.

Opening up about the same, he shares, “It is very important that we take the steps towards a different end because I feel like it shouldn’t matter what ethnicity or what cultural background one comes from. It should be about talent and opportunity”.

That’s something which attracted him towards Bingo Hell, which he calls a “story about friendship, especially female friends, and a story about minorities”.

“Taking these steps is a very important part, like the project. Stepping towards the right direction when it comes to opportunities, especially when it comes to minorities and people of colour and women,” he concludes.

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