Josh Duhamel says working with Jennifer Lopez in Shotgun Wedding ‘was like rekindling an old friendship’


American actor Josh Duhamel who recently wrapped up the shooting for the upcoming rom-com Shotgun Wedding with Jennifer Lopez, in the Dominican Republic, appeared on a talk show in which Duhamel provided details regarding Jennifer.

According to E!News, the 48-year-old actor visited The Tonight Show on Wednesday (local time). During the chat, the show’s host Jimmy Fallon immediately made it no secret he was dying to hear any updates about the songstress.

Jimmy said right away, “I know you’ve just finished filming a movie with one of our favourites, Jennifer Lopez.” The host continued bluntly, “How is J.Lo doing, and that’s really what I want to ask.”

After a chuckle could be heard rippling throughout the crowd, Josh replied, “She’s fantastic. I’ve known her for years, and it sort of came to my attention that the job became available, and I got a chance to meet with her. It was like rekindling an old friendship with an old friend.”

As reported by E!News, neither Jimmy nor Josh mentioned Alex Rodriguez’s name, but fans know that Jennifer’s recent breakup from the former baseball player was the likely subtext for Jimmy’s initial query. After all, Jennifer posted via Instagram on April 21 that filming had wrapped, which came just one week after she and Alex announced on April 15 that they had called off their engagement.

During his interview, Josh went on to explain he was not as adept at staying comfortable in the island heat as his co-star, who more recently was seen performing at the VAX LIVE charity concert. Josh shared, “We get to set–you know, the Dominican is hot and beautiful.”

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This led Jimmy to quickly chime in with, “So is J.Lo,” to which the Transformers actor responded, “Yes, exactly.”

Josh continued, “It was very hot, and we were on the run from these pirates and these people that overtook the wedding. I’m like I just crawled out of a river half the time in this movie–I’m completely soaked and sweaty–and she’s just gorgeous throughout the movie.”

He added of the One The Floor singer, ” So I’m not sure we’re going to look like the perfect couple half the time because I’m this sweaty mess, and she’s, well, J.Lo.”

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