John Travolta reveals he lost big movie roles to Tom Hanks, other film stars


Washington: Hollywood star John Travolta recently opened up about his acting career and admitted that he missed out on a handful of large movie roles back in the day.

According to Fox News, the 67-year-old actor, during Friday’s episode of ‘Hart to Heart’ with comedian Kevin Hart, revealed he had been passed over for other actors including Tom Hanks, Richard Gere and Jack Nicholson.

“The role in the Tom Hanks movie Splash was written for me. But then we wouldn’t have Tom Hanks, so let’s have Tom Hanks!” Travolta told Hart during the episode. Travolta did point out that the competition wasn’t bad considering there were only four actors for directors to choose from at the time.

Mel Gibson and Denzel Washington made it into the competition later, according to the actor. “It was just Richard Gere, myself and Treat Williams up for most parts and Tom came a few years later, like ’81 or ’82… those roles would get interchangeable. So in some ways, in Vegas, what’s a one out of four chance,” he told Hart.

As per Fox News, the ‘Grease’ star said there was ‘solidity’ in the movie industry at the time and that most movies were directed by Terrence Malick.Travolta said, “He directed very important films in the ’70s, and he wanted me for a film called ‘Days Of Heaven’, and I screen-tested for it right after ‘Carrie’ and before ‘The Boy in the Plastic Bubble’.”

“But it was such a significant role, that Richard Gere ended up doing, which ended up a theme, where he did many roles I didnt do,” he added.

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