James Corden mocked for stopping traffic in Los Angeles for flash mob as part of Cinderella promotions


Actor and talk show host James Corden was trending this weekend on social media for busting out his dance moves in the middle of a busy Los Angeles street in order to promote the upcoming Cinderella movie, in which he also stars.

According to Fox News, he stopped traffic for a flash mob in an apparent effort to promote the film.

A Twitter user uploaded a clip of Corden and his Cinderella co-stars Camila Cabello, Billy Porter and Idina Menzel performing what looked like a segment of Crosswalk the Musical from his late-night show.

They were recorded closing out an intersection in Los Angeles as they and a handful of backup dancers sang along and danced to Jennifer Lopez’s Let’s Get Loud. A fully committed James, dressed as a rat, could be seen thrusting his groin at the car while singing the chorus to Jennifer’s song. The internet had a lot to say about the viral moment.

Several users took to Twitter and expressed their thoughts on the footage that captured James’ dance moves. While some found the moment light-hearted and fun, others were triggered by the group’s traffic-stopping stunt.

“Imagine having to explain to your boss that you’re going to be late to work because James Corden dressed in a rat suit was thrusting at cars in the middle of traffic?” one Twitter user shared.

Another person quipped, “I was taking my son to the ER when James Corden stopped traffic. RIP my boy.”

“I am officially scarred by James Corden doing hip thrusts. I will never be able to listen to this song the same way ever again,” someone else joked.

“Imagine having a terrible day and then on ur way home ur forced to watch camila cabello and james corden dance right in front of u..this would sent me over the edge,” another wrote.

Even though many shared cheeky tweets and poked fun at James, British actor, Adil Ray, came to the star’s defence.

Adil wrote, “Why this Twitter hate for James Corden? Get off your bloody phones, off social and get yourself on the boards and win a Tony, co-write one of those most-watched shows in recent years and pop off to America and make a huge success of one of the toughest gigs on US TV, then talk.”

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Currently, it’s unknown if the late-night host called on his Cinderella co-stars to join him in a flash mob-style performance for his CBS series The Late Late Show. After all, he does have the recurring Crosswalk The Musical segment where he and his guests publicly break out in song and/or dance.

James, a producer as well as a co-star in Amazon’s Cinderella which debuts on September 3, has also become something of a regular in big-budget Hollywood musicals. Since appearing in Rob Marshall’s Into the Woods, he has had notable roles in Ryan Murphy’s The Prom and Tom Hooper’s widely panned Cats.

Cinderella will mark singer Camila Cabello’s debut acting role as she takes on the fairy tale character who defies her evil stepsisters and engages in some hijinks involving a ball, a slipper and magic.

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