Is Mahira Khan secretly married? Actress asks Siri to call her ‘secret husband’ – Watch the video!


New Delhi: There are many speculations around Pakistani actress Mahira Khan’s love life. The actress, who got divorced in 2015 from Ali Askari, is now a single mother to her 11 years old son – Azlan.

In a new fun, promotional video for her media company Mashion – the actress answered assumptions about herself. The first one being is she ‘secretly married.’

The ‘Humsafar’ actress denied the assumption as false. “No, I am not secretly married,” said the actress. She further added, “Do you see a ring? If I do get married, then I will let all of you guys know. And do you think if I was married, all of you guys wouldn’t know? Kyunki yeh log Stories aur yeh sab lagate hai (Because now, everyone puts up Instagram Stories and things like that). Come on! I am not married, I am not even engaged,” said Mahira.


However, then playing along with the assumption, the 36 years old ask Siri to call her ‘secret husband’. “Siri, I would like to call my secret husband,”says Mahira. 

The virtual phone assistant responds, “Calling secret husband.” Mahira teasingly says, “Haw!”

The other question asked to the actress was that if she has got a nose job done, to which asks cameras to zoom in her nose and smilingly says her makeup artist wouldn’t have to contour so much if she had got it done.

Mahira Khan, who starred opposite Shah Rukh Khan in Raees (2017), was spotted with Bollywood heartthrob Ranbir Kapoor in New York City back in September 2017. The two were speculated to be secretly dating at that time. However, things fizzled out soon and Ranbir is currently happily dating Alia Bhatt for some time now.

Mahira on the other hand says she is single.

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