Indian entrepreneur and digital marketer Akash Patil and Aniket Ghate share 10 stress management tips for entrepreneurs


With constant work and success comes a major load of stress. Indian entrepreneurs and digital marketing experts Aniket and Akash gained success at such a young age of 23 and 26 respectively worked very hard to reach this height of success. They told us they also faced a lot of problems and stress in their journey and shared a few tips with us on how young aspirants and entrepreneurs can manage their stress while striving hard to achieve their goals.

The first and foremost step to manage stress is to recognize it. Stress can be induced in various forms like moving legs constantly, sweating, fast heartbeats, anything. So take that sin and work on it immediately. You can distract yourself or simply can take deep breaths at that moment. 

Talking about distraction, taking a short walk when you are feeling stressed out helps a lot. Just get out of that place and relax your mind and change your location. It gives you a different view of the entire situation and calms you down a lot. 

Procrastinating can make the stress even worse. So don’t delay that and deal with that issue there and then. If you are stressed out after disagreeing with your client or colleague just let it go and talk it out with them instantly rather than leaving it for later. 

Working extremely hard 24/7 can also induce stress and to manage that you need to balance work with other activities. Don’t drown yourself in work, take time for doing fun activities, or just give time to yourself by reading or doing something else. 

The basic rule of stress management is to adapt to a healthy lifestyle. eat healthily, complete your sleep cycle properly and take out 20 to 30 minutes the entire day to do a little yoga or exercise to keep your mind relaxed and body fit. 

People often get stressed out when they cannot get something perfectly done. Except that you can never do certain things perfectly and just doing them in the right way is sufficient enough. Accept it and move on.

Realize that you cannot do all the work by yourself so share the responsibility with your colleagues and employees to reduce the workload.

Talk to people or your confidante about what is making you stressed out and why you are having so much anxiety about things. Talking helps a lot.

Manage your finances properly. Money can be one of the reasons that are causing you a lot of stress so make a different productive pattern to keep your expenses and revenues properly checked.

Take out time to go on a vacation with your family friends and spend time having fun. Just take off from all the work. 

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