I wanted to have the baby but couldn’t have forced my decision on Nusrat Jahan, reveals Yash Dasgupta!


New Delhi: TMC MP and former Bengali actress Nusrat Jahan and Yash Dasgupta’s personal life has been in the limelight for long. Recently, Nusrat dropped a romantic picture on her Instagram story referring to the actor as her ‘husband’. This raised a few eyebrows and once again buzz around their relationship caught fire. 

In an interview with ETimes.com, when asked whether he had any second thoughts on having a baby, Yash Dasgupta said, “Never. I didn’t flinch when she told me. I just asked her if she wanted to go ahead with it. It’s not my body — it’s hers. She needed to decide. I told her I’d never leave her side irrespective of her decision. I wanted to have the baby but couldn’t have forced my decision on her. She even told me that if you want nothing to do with the baby, it’s okay, I’ll keep the baby.”

“He didn’t freak out at all. It was a mutual decision decision. We didn’t care what the world would think. I knew they’d either call me strong or call me names”, said Nusrat.

“I may have my own reasons to have the baby. But, tell me, what did those who were talking ill of us expect? That I’d leave a pregnant woman to herself? Would that have been a fair thing to do in the eyes of the world?”, said Yash.

In the same interview, Nusrat also revealed how the two have spent some great time together. She said, “We have spent some lovely times together. We have relished a quiet dinner on the sand dunes on a moonlit night, I have made noodles for him at a shack in the middle of the streets and so partied like there’s no tomorrow. Heck, he took me on a road trip when I was five and a half months pregnant! It was foggy and I was scared. But he calmed me down, so I could enjoy nature’s finest. For us, that’s romance.”

Meanwhile, some time back, a viral picture of a birth certificate surfaced which named Debashish Dasgupta as the father of Nusrat’s baby boy. Not many know that actor Yash Dasgupta’s other name is Debashish. 

Nusrat gave birth to a baby boy named Yishaan J Dasgupta on August 26, 2021.

In June, Nusrat Jahan had announced her split with husband Nikhil Jain and released an official statement as well. The actress-turned-politician said, “Our separation happened long back, but I did not speak about it as I intended to keep my private life to myself.”

For the unversed, TMC MP Nusrat Jahan and Nikhil Jain who tied the knot in June 2019 in Turkey, had been making headlines a few months ago due to marital discord and cheating allegations on the former.

Meanwhile, after allegations were made against Nikhil Jain and his family, he had revealed some important facts about his relationship with Nusrat. He had issued an official statement about the ongoing marital discord and made some important revelations in it.

Nusrat Jahan tied the knot with her businessman beau Nikhil Jain in the picturesque Turkish town of Bodrum on June 19, 2019. The wedding ceremony was done as per the Turkish Marriage Regulation.

Amid these speculations, Nusrat Jahan’s intimacy with BJP’s actor-turned-politician Yash Dasgupta had also gained ground. Yash and Nusrat worked together in the Bengali film ‘SOS Kolkata’ in 2020.


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