‘I lost my individuality’: Krishna Shroff on making her previous relationship with Eban Hyams public


New Delhi: Bollywood star Jackie Shroff’s daughter Krishna Shroff recently opened up on her relationship and break up with her former boyfriend Eban Hyams, a basketball player. In a candid interview, she revealed that she lost her individuality after she had made her relationship public as fans would constantly treat them as a pair and not as individual humans. This irked her as she didn’t want to be clubbed with him in every aspect of her life. Due to this, she has decided to not make her next relationship known in the public sphere.

When asked about the lesson she learned from her previous relationship, she told Zoom Digital, “Definitely not to make it full public (laughs). I will be real, I never understood why people won’t admit to who they are dating or anything like that. I just never understood that, it was like a foreign thing to me. Not because I am embarrassed or anything.”

“Because when I did put it out there, and the amount I put it out there, I kind of lost my individuality. Everything was about us and like it bounded us. We were one person. And I think it is so important to be your own person and be known for you – and not you and someone else or not anyone else involved in that. Everything that I have is for me, about me and no one’s putting in work except me. So I wanna be known for myself as myself and because of myself,” she added.

Krishna was previously in a relationship with Eban Hyams, a basketball player. However, they parted ways last year. Their social media photos with each other were quite a viral thing on the internet.

She is quite a social media sensation as she has amassed a huge number of followers over the past few years. Although she has stayed away from the glitzy world of Bollywood. The star kid is quite passionate about fitness and is the co-founder of MMA Matrix – the fitness training ground which is the secret of her washboard abs

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