‘I have worked with Salman Khan in Bodyguard, Bigg Boss but have no job due to COVID lockdown: Bigg Boss Jallad Baba Khan appeals for work – Watch


New Delhi: Actor Baba Khan, who worked with superstar Salman Khan in many films such as Bodyguard, Veer, Jaaneman, Bigg Boss among others is now out of work. ‘I have been in this film industry for the last 15 years, and it was going all fine but not anymore,’ says Baba. 

Baba Khan told Zee News, “I have done many films with Bhaijaan like Wanted, Jaaneman, Bigg Boss. I also worked with Amitabh Bachchan in Department, R Rajkumar, Jwala Mandi with Ravi Kishan in Bhojpuri…I have done a lot of work but ever since COVID induced lockdown was imposed, I have suffered a lot and have no job”.

He added, “Everday I go out for work yet find nothing. Nobody gives me work as I have only done negative roles, so it creates an image. I am making an appeal to all producers, directors and casting directors – please offer me work, nothing else.”


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