Fitness demands only perseverance: Shane Makan


We often set milestones and work on them for some time and then drop the idea. Fitness is the most dreaded milestone in a human being’s life, or as it seems from an unfit person’s perspective. Shane Makan is a bodybuilder and certified fitness trainer who is on a mission to change this habit of indulging in fitness for some time and then leaving it because it gets surmounting with each day.

He understands the mindset of people who have multiple distractions and work commitments along with a sedentary lifestyle that focuses more on lethargic living rather than being active.

Shane Makan understood the importance of physical fitness at an early age and made up his mind to become the very best version of himself, both inside and outside.

He says, ” Sculpting your body to look a certain way is just half the battle, the next half is to maintain it for years and years to come. Fitness requires perseverance to not waver even if you have achieved a great physique or the optimum fitness levels above an average person. It’s your body and only you can nurture it for years to come. There is no point in looking good if you’re weak from inside and are just doing it to keep the appearance.”

Shane Makan won the IFBB Pro card after a daunting journey to the competition. He was then hired by Hammer Fitness, a reputed fitness brand to provide personal training and assistance to those in pathetic physical condition and shape. He became popular among the clients for his motivating nature that helped many of his clients to embrace the fitness lifestyle and shed weight.

Shane Makan provides personalized training programs and services via Instagram amid the pandemic that limits his access to clients. He says, “People who struggle with fitness need a buddy to keep them on track. I try to make my clients understand the difference between consuming anything and eating right. It is an uphill battle to educate the clients about identifying food groups that appeal to them while fulfilling their nutritional requirements as well. You don’t have to starve yourselves to be fit and those who say it may not be concerned about complete aspects of fitness.”

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