Exclusive: Working with creative women is a blessing, quips ‘Candy’ actor Mikhael Kantroo


New Delhi: Actor and writer Mikhael Kantroo, known largely for his plays, recently made his OTT debut with the web series Candy co-starring Ronit Roy and Richa Chadha. From the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London to Mumbai theatre – Kantroo has had an interesting cinematic journey so far.

In an interview with Zee News Digital, he talked about his thrilling web debut Candy and much more. Here are the excerpts from the conversation.

Did you face any difficulties while playing the character of Luka?

Difficulty no, I had a great script, a sensitive & capable director & I was trained for my job. This character isn’t as difficult as some of the ones I played on stage but acting for the camera is a different ball game therefore I had adjusted to the language of cinema. I’ve done a short film in 2019 so that helped in my preparation to face the camera here, obviously, this was on a bigger scale.


Coming from theatre, what major differences did you find between screen acting and stage acting?

There are technical changes one has to make as an actor. One thing is common, Truth, an actor must be honest. The stage is about projection, the camera is more about processing. Stage, you can’t hide, there’s no cinematographer to protect you, no editor to help you, therefore body language is important, but that helps when you face the camera too. A good actor should be able to emote with every part of his or her body. 


What prep-work did you undergo for your character in Candy?

My director Ashish gave me references but he also gave me great advice to internalise & not just look at external factors of the character. A character sometimes makes certain choices based on his or her state of mind. So it’s the thought that manifests into action.

What was the most exciting part of being on sets of Candy?

The most exciting part was to work with these beautiful people, I love the team of Candy, genuinely do.

In an earlier interview, you mentioned that doing a meaningful role is important to you. What potential did you see in Luka that made you eager to embody his character?

The potential of a character comes from the writer, when I spoke to Debo & Agrim I saw how much Luka meant to them. If the creator respects his creation, the actor is automatically more invested. This is a people’s profession, no actor can create magic on his or her own.


You have co-written a play Do Raha which had received an overwhelmingly positive response. Are you currently writing/working on a new project?

Yes, I’m writing a film. I like the direction it’s going in. I have co-written it with Sehaj Maini & Sonali Sahni. Working with creative women is a blessing.

As an actor, what change would you like to see in the Indian entertainment industry?

More creative control must be given to writers & creators. There is a lot of creative young talent in this country, the next decade is going to be special.

Can your fans expect to see you in more OTT shows?

Firstly, I don’t believe in the fans, let’s call them STARS, I’m shining because they have bestowed their light of love on me. I intend to play characters in the future that are worthy of their generosity.

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