Exclusive: Who doesn’t love a cop who can swing some classy moves, quips Arbaaz Khan on ‘Dabangg’ animated series


New Delhi: Actor-producer turned director Arbaaz Khan is gung-ho about his latest outing – Dabangg animated series on Disney+ Hotstar VIP. Chulbul Pandey played by Salman Khan on reel-life is given an OTT spin for kids and the Khan brothers are excited about the project. Dabangg – The Animated Series streamed on May 31, 2021.

Arbaaz Khan told Zee News Digital about his love for OTT space and how preparing kids content is the toughest as they are the best critic of your work.

Q.  How involved were you in the Dabangg Animated Series for OTT?

A. I was involved in the production of the series as kids content is one of the toughest content because it’s not easy to get a thumbs up from the kids as they are the best critic and speak from the heart, Along with my team and Cosmos-Maya studios I was involved in the pre and post-production of the series

Q. Are you an OTT buff? If yes, what’s keeping you busy these days?

A. Yes I do watch content on OTT platforms and enjoy it immensely. Of Late, the days have been passing with a lot of fun activities indoors with the kids when they’re home and thinking of what next exciting episode we can create for Dabangg – the animated series for Disney+ Hotstar VIP!

Q. Dabangg is a special one for you. Have you thought of making a similar franchise for a digital audience?

A. Yes it is special – and yes, I’ve been keeping this idea on the back of mind forever. Chulbul is a classic character, kids love characters who make a difference – Shinchan, Doremon, Moana – all these characters have struck a chord with children and with Chulbul being so loved across age groups – we thought, why not? who doesn’t love a cop who can swing some classy moves!         


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