Exclusive: On a show like Bigg Boss, you can never be prepared, says reality TV star Miesha Iyer


New Delhi: Miesha Iyer who shot to fame after participating in various reality shows like Ace of Space and Splitsvilla has now made her way to the most controversial show Bigg Boss 15. Before entering the show, she spoke to Zee News Digital and shared her excitement about the game, her rapport with former contestant from Ace of Space Pratik Sehajpal.

How excited are you to be on Bigg Boss 15?

I am super excited to be part of the show. A little nervous but yeah a good nervous.


What made you say yes to the show?

Well, how can you say a no to such a big show? It gives you such a big platform to express yourself. It is such a great opportunity. I have such embraced the opportunity which I got.

Will reality show experience turn out to be an advantage for you?

I don’t really think so as most of the reality shows are not the same. Like the reality shows which I have done in the past are complete different from one another and so there is no advantage in it. Also on a show like Bigg Boss, you can never be prepared. Also when you have done reality shows before you get an added responsibility to take it forward. 


You’ll be meeting Salman Khan, are you nervous?

More than excited, I’m super over-whelmed. Obviously, it’s like living a dream and I’m extremely happy about it.

What is your game plan for the show?

To be honest, there is absolutely no game plan or strategies because there is no point strategizing things in Bigg Boss house as it never works. Also I don’t want to take anyone’s tip because I want to make it as my own journey and don’t want to follow anyone else.


You’ve been with Pratik Sehajpal in Ace of Space, what kind of bond you guys share now? Are you in talking terms?

We’ve been great friends on the show and also after the show. Then we got busy in our lives and chose our own separate paths. Now, we are not in touch. We’ve been in touch on and off but when I’ll see him in the house, I’ll be cordial to him and I am hoping that it remains the same from Pratik’s side also. But you never know, as when Divya and Pratik were together, people expected something else but it didn’t went well between the two and so really never know what is going to happen next.

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