Exclusive: India’s Mixed Martial Artist Ritu Phogat loves to gorge on mithai, picks Dangal star Aamir Khan as her favourite!


Known as ‘the Indian Tigress’, Mixed Martial Artist Ritu Phogat is all geared up for her upcoming major bout at One Championship. Coming from the family of sporting thespians, she is Dronacharya Awardee Mahavir Singh Phogat’s daughter and has won medals at the Commonwealth, Asian and World U-23 Wrestling Championships respectively. 

In an exclusive candid interview with Zee News Digital, Ritu Phogat opened up on her upcoming One Championship prep-up, favourite food and much more. 

Excerpts from the interview:

Q Your upcoming bout at One Championship is just around the corner. Any specific prep-up?

A. Yes I am excited, I have studied my opponent and prepared myself accordingly. Now I am ready to enter the ring.

Q. You will face Lin ‘MMA Sister’ Heqin on July 30, how excited are you?

A. Very, I am raring to go in the ring. I have to be focused and determined and hoping for everything goes according to my training and plan.

Q. Tell us how important is to wear a correct gear for MMA?

A. Very important. As you train twice and sometimes thrice a day. Every training session is intense and you need to wear comfortable gear at the same time the gear which helps you enhance your performance.  Like the Under Armour shoes, I am wearing has this HOVR cushioning technology which helps me in my strength and conditioning training a lot. Also, the gears I have are comfortable, fits perfectly and are also not very hot because you sweat a lot and the cooling technology helps you stay cool and focused.

Q. You are associated with Under Armour. What makes it different from other available brands?

A. Apart from making Sporting gear and apparel that help athletes perform better and recover faster, Under Armour inspires to expand the limits of human performance. Their aim of helping athletes around the world to put in the work to achieve their goals resonates with the mindset I carry with me every time I enter the ring, which makes the partnership special and authentic for me. The brand believes and stands for “The only way is through” and so do I.

Q. You are seen as an inspiration for young women, your thoughts on it.

A. It inspires me and motivates me when kids and aspirational athletes follow me in my journey. That’s the beauty of sports that’s what inspires me to kill it in training and win medals/belts for my country.

Q. Quickly tell us – 

1. What you love to eat – Sweets / Mithai

2. Your fav movie stars – Aamir Khan

3. Your most comfortable clothing style – My training gear 😉

4. Any special tips you get from father or sisters? – My values which they have given me, Discipline and hunger to win


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