EsselWorld’s interactive Bird Park kickstarts #DayInALifeOfACelebirdy campaign on its two-year anniversary!


Mumbai: EsselWorld Bird Park, which houses more than 400 exotic birds- aquatic, terrestrial and free-flying, launched in the year 2019. Over the past two years, these birds have made the Park their home and have stayed as a family. Each of these exotic birds of 60 different species is unique and of different personalities & traits.

EsselWorld Bird Park launched the #DayInALifeOfCelebirdies campaign on 17th April 2021, a series that will showcase the different celebrity birdies aka celebirdies of the Park showcasing their individual personalities, their day to day life stories, and much more in the form of entertainment capsules. 


This campaign will be executed on the Social Media platforms- Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube on the EsselWorld Bird Park Page. Follow the social media handles of the Park and you shall be able to know your celebirdies better!

green bird

The campaign will showcase Rui- the Umbrella Cockatoo, Capu- The Cape Parrot, Simba- The Triton Cockatoo, Motu & Chotu, Motu is a Blue-fronted Amazon while Chotu is a Blue crown Conure, Bella- the Blue Fronted Amazon, Moscovy Ducks and its new babies and a lot others having fun and dribbles at the Park. 

“The objective is to make an emotional and personal connection with our birdies. Though each one of them is unique in their own way, we thought this is the best way to let our guests know them personally with a twist of entertainment. We’ll be showcasing them via videos, reels, and static posts until the 31st of May. While we showcase our celebirides, our guests would surely be more delighted and excited to meet them once we reopen”, Mr. Paresh Mishra, Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing, EsselWorld & Water Kingdom.


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