Cinderella director Kay Cannon on flash mob flak: ‘Don’t know if I’d compare it to the Imagine video’


From creepy Suspiria music to the clownish Curb Your Enthusiasm theme song, the internet has made James Corden dance to hundreds of songs so far. How could they not, it’s meme material for the ages.

Earlier this week, James and the rest of the cast of Cinderella–Idina Menzel, Billy Porter and lead star Camila Cabello–took to a busy Los Angeles street, stopped traffic and danced to Jennifer Lopez’s Let’s Get Loud. To make things spicier, James even threw in a few pelvic thrusts. And did we mention he was in a rat costume?

As expected–perhaps not by Amazon Studios–the response was not all positive. The internet’s long-running feud with James meant more jokes, memes and ridicule. Some were scarred by his gyrating groin, others got flashbacks of that ‘cringeworthy’ Imagine video, shared by Gal Gadot and friends last year, to soothe our pandemic-tired nerves.

While the jury is still out on which is worse, Cinderella director Kay Cannon did find the flash mob funny. Speaking to Hindustan Times, she said that the public will forget all about it soon enough. “I don’t know. I feel they were doing a Crosswalk The Musical which is going to air next week. All those crosswalk musicals are so, so great. I think there is that thing of ‘no publicity is bad publicity’. More people are thinking about it. But like anything, those things blow over and hopefully, the film speaks for itself,” she said.

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However, she would not commit to saying that it was as bad as the Imagine video. “I don’t know if I’d compare it to the Imagine video. It’s just James Corden in a mouse outfit, thrusting a car… It got a lot of attention. I was supposed to go for it too but decided not to. I watched the video; to me, it’s hilarious. James Corden in a mouse costume, it’s funny,” she added.

Crosswalk The Musical is a recurring segment on James’ CBS show The Late Late Show. In it, he and his guests publicly break out in song and/or dance. James is also the producer of Cinderella and stars as a mouse in it too. Camila plays Ella, Idina, her evil stepmother and Billy, her Fabulous Godmother.

The film will be out on September 3 on Amazon Prime.

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