Bigg Boss 15 written update Day 18: Donal Bisht and Vidhi Pandya get evicted from the house


New Delhi: Today’s episode of Bigg Boss 15 was full of shocking twists that took place in the house. Earlier in the day, the housemates were seen breaking several rules. From sleeping in the house during daytime to stealing things from the main the house.

After several warnings when housemates continued their deeds, Bigg Boss took three major steps in order to make their life difficult in the house. 


Firstly, Bigg Boss announces that all the housemates will now be ‘Junglewasis’ and no one will stay in the main house. Secondly, he tells all the inmates about mid-week evictions and asks everyone to give names of two contestants, who they feel have made zero contribution to the house.

Everyone after ‘aapsi sehmati’ chose Donal Bisht and Vidhi Pandya’s name and they were asked to leave the house at that very moment.


Well, that wasn’t the end, then Bigg Boss asked the captain Nishant Bhat to nominate 8 contestants for this week’s elimination. He nominates Shamita Shetty, Ieshaan Sehgal, Miesha Iyer, Umar Riaz amongst others. 

The housemates got so furious with him and his decision that they had an heated argument with him and ended up calling him saap (Snake) for not keeping up his words of saving them. 


Later, Bigg Boss announces among all the 8 nominated contestants, only 4 will be allowed to enter into the Room of Illusion where they will be exactly told what needs to be done next. 

Out of all, Shamita Shetty becomes the first contestant to enter the room of illusion. In the room, she was given the power to nominate someone else on behalf of her from the ones who are saved and can safe herself from the nomination. 

Well, what will Shamita do next? For more updates keep watching this space for all the content related to Bigg Boss 15. 



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