Bigg Boss 15: Kashmera Shah reacts to Meisha Iyer-Ieshaan Sehgal love story, here’s what she said


New Delhi: Meisha Iyer and Ieshaan Sehgal have been making headlines due to their growing closeness on the show. The duo have been teased by housemates and even host Salman Khan for the ‘fastest love story’ in the house. On Monday’s episode, Meisha and Ieshaan were seen sharing a steamy kiss and indulging in some PDA, appearing completely unbothered about the public or cameras. 

Social media users who are following the show, have tagged Meisha-Ieshaan’s romance as nothing but ‘fake’ and also accused the former of playing a game with Ieshaan for generating content on the show. 

Now, former Bigg Boss contestant Kashmera Shah has expressed her expert opinion about this love angle. The ‘Yes Boss’ actress found Ieshaan genuine while had her doubts about exactly how Miesha feels. She tweeted, “Sometimes love just happens. I know it seems fast and unreal but why am I liking #IeshaanSehgaal so much. The way he talks to Miesha and promises her not lose his cool is just awesome. I see real love in his eyes for her. I am unsure about Miesha still.”

Meanwhile, housemates too are unsure about the glooming romance between the two. Raising his doubts at how soon the two fell for each other, Jay Bhanushali said, “Humko laga dhai mahine mein hoga, yeh log dhai din mein shuru ho gaye.” 

Umar Riaz, who shares cold vibes with Ieshaan from the premiere night itself, said, “Miesha is playing a game with Ieshaan.”

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