Bigg Boss 15: Donal Bisht, Vidhi Pandya fans fume over SHOCKING mid-week evictions – Watch promo


New Delhi: Social media is abuzz with tweets and posts related to the controversial reality show Bigg Boss 15 and its contestants. In a shocking twist, Bigg Boss decided to teach all participants a taste hard lesson by making 3 big announcements. 

In the promo shared online, Bigg Boss announces that all the housemates will now be ‘Junglewasis’ and no one will stay in the main living area of the house. Secondly, tells all the inmates about mid-week evictions. And finally says, “the main door will now be open and housemates will have to take two names, who they feel have made zero contribution to the house.”

Looks like, housemates had no choice but to name two people – Donal Bisht and Vidhi Pandya have been evicted and their fans are fuming over this development on social media. 

Nishant Bhat became the new captain of the house this week and due to Dussehra/Navratri and Durga Puja festivities, no elimination was done during Weekend Ka Vaar episodes. However, this shocking double eviction has left everyone teary-eyed, as it wasn’t the fans or viewers but participants themselves who voted out 2 players from the game. 

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