Bigg Boss 15 Day 63 written updates: Pratik Sehajpal accuses Karan Kundraa of kicking him, Shamita faints during fight


NEW DELHI: The episode begins with VIPs and non-VIPs playing the sword task. Rajiv Adatia starts destroying other housemates’ swords, leading to non-VIP destroying each other’s swords. 

Devoleena and Tejasswi get into an argument over the sword task over the way they handle the task. Devoleena gets irked with her and says that ‘itna ghamand acha nahi.’ Shamita backs Tejasswi and agrees with her that VIPs did not make any sense in the task. The VIPs decide that Rajiv Adatia played well in the sword task. As a result, Rajiv gets immunity and Rs 3 lakh in non-VIPs vault. Devoleena says that VIPs clearly wanted them to fight each other and hence they clearly did not make anyone immune in the first round.

Shamita, who is visibly irked with VIPs, announces that she won’t be doing dishes anymore. Rashami calls her one of the most irresponsible person in the house. 

Meanwhile, non-VIPs announce – ‘chakka-jam’ and refuse to do any given task by the VIP contestants. VIPs are upset with this decision. An angry Devoleena and Shamita get into an intense fight and the former asks Shamita to watch her language. 

This task resulted in a major faceoff between Devoleena and Shamita. Shamita asks Debo ‘where is her brain, my darling? In your a**?’ Devoleena gets mad at her and threatens her against using such language against her in the future. The two try to get physical with each other but are stopped by other housemates. Shamita faints in Karan’s arm during the argument. 

Pratik and Karan also get physical with each other while trying to destroy each other’s swords. Pratik accuses Karan of kicking her. 

The VIPs decide to make Nishant as the winner in the next round. He was asked to say in the camera that he will not dance for 1 year to earn the prize money. Nishant refuses to sacrifice as dance is his passion and earns a living out of it. 

Pratik warns Karan that he will rip his head off if he again gets physical with him. He disgraces him as his mentor from the previous show and shouts at him. Nishant asks Pratik if he will let it go again since this is the second time Karan has got physical with him. Pratik adds that he is ready to walk out of the show if he continues to get physical with him. Pratik disgraces him as his mentor and calls him a ‘ghatiya’ person. 

Meanwhile, Devoleena and Rashami continue to slam Shamita for her classy attitude and crass language. 

Tejasswi comes out in support of Karan and accuses Pratik of unintentionally touching girls inappropriately during tasks. However, Rashami and Nishant charge at her and comes out in defence of Pratik.

Pratik cries inconsolably in the smoking area after all the fights and arguments during the task. Nishant too is seen breaking into tears at the garden area and Karan is seen trying to console him. 

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