Bigg Boss 15 Day 61 written updates: Shamita Shetty calls Rakhi Sawant’s husband Ritesh ‘brainless’, Tejasswi Prakash feels uncomfortable with Abhijit Bichukale


NEW DELHI: Devoleena, who is the ‘sanchalak’ of VIP team, calls for Umar Riaz’s disqualification after he lunges at Ritesh and stops him from stealing coins during the prize money task. Shamita objects to it and she and Devoleena get into the word of war. The first round is cancelled and Bigg Boss deducts Rs 5 lakh from the total Rs 50 lakh prize money. 

Meanwhile, non-VIPs Nishant Bhat, Umar Riaz and Rajiv Adatia continue to steal items from VIP’s room to irritate them. Abhijit tells Rakhi that Devoleena made a mistake and because of her, the VIPs lost Rs 5 lakh from the prize money. 


Karan Kundrra, Nishant Bhat and Rajiv Adatia come with a plan and try to convince Rakhi to play from their side and in return they will also do some favours to her. 

Nishant talks to Tejasswi that he is upset with Pratik’s behaviour. He says he will not care about his friendship with him anymore. Tejasswi tells Karan that Pratik’s buttering to VIP has gone a step ahead. He is ready to prepare tea for VIPs for more than enough. Karan says that he is ready for ‘chakka jam’ and is ready to give up on works for VIPs.

Abhijit talks to VishwasunTREE and sings a song for her. He tells her 

Tejasswi Prakash shares with Karan Kundrra that she feels uncomfortable with the latest wild card entry Abhijit Bichukale and Ritesh as she thinks they are misogynists and try to come too close while talking to her. Karan agrees with her to a point and says she should stay away from both of them.

Rashami Desai tells Karan Kundrra that she feels Tejasswi doesn’t like her. Karan tells her that they know each other but Rashami says that she is getting those vibes from Tejasswi. Karan tells her not to overthink. Rashami too hopes everything should be fine but she adds that she has been getting that vibe from her.

Rakhi gets a setback after Nishant and Pratik tell her that she can’t be making special demands from the non-VIPs. Nishant says, “This is not a restaurant.” Rashami gets annoyed by this behaviour and starts shouting at them for being irresponsible. Pratik provokes Nishant again for calling kitchen duty as ‘restaurant’. 

Ritesh and Rakhi continue to cheat in the game. Devoleena continues to support them and non-VIPs shout at her for being unfair. Meanwhile, Shamita calls Ritesh as ‘unfair’. Non-VIPs scored 2 goals while the VIPs scored 1. However, Devoleena, Rakhi and Ritesh continue to cheat and refuse to align with non-VIPs. 

Since the non-VIPs didn’t want to lose the prize money, Shamita decided to agree with Devoleena and they came to a forcible tie. Though they failed to win any money, their total prize money remains Rs 45 lakh.

Nishant tells Karan Kundrra that Pratik has flipped completely and has been busy flattering the VIPs. He adds that he however respect his decision but is shocked to see this side of his. Karan too expresses his shock at Pratik’s buttering the VIPs. 




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