Bigg Boss 15 Day 48 written updates: Neha Bhasin creates ruckus, Rajiv Adatia refuses to help Tejasswi Prakash


New Delhi: The Friday’s episode begins with housemates fighting over duties. Umar Riaz attacks Jay Bhanushali for not cleaning the bathroom area and leaving wastes at the platform. Jay Bhanushali retorts and gets into an argument with him. Rajiv Adatia complaints to Neha Bhasin that he has been doing so much at the kitchen yet Tejasswi had been pin-pointing him for not chopping veggies. 

Later, some of the housemates have a discussion with each other over duties when Neha Bhasin getting into a major argument with Pratik Sehajpal after he asks her to shut up and leave the house during a conversation over kitchen duties. Nishant interferes and breaks a dustbin in rage. He attacks Neha and asks her to shut up. 

Neha gets aggressive and charges at Nishant Bhat too and almost comes to blows with him. She also gets into a heated argument with Pratik and screams over her for speaking to her in a rude tone. She later breaks down in the bathroom area. She vows not to talk with them again. 

Later, Pratik and Nishant try to sort it out with Neha, however, she remains adamant on not speaking to them again. Pratik tells her that from now on they would just stay neutral and won’t get into each other’s personal space.

Neha calls Nishant judgemental, however, Nishant defends himself and says she is like Shamita Shetty. He also seeks for forgiveness from her for spoiling her birthday, but adds that he can’t keep quiet. 

Rajiv is in no mood to help Tejasswi with kitchen duties. He argues with Tejasswi that he has been helping her a lot but Tejasswi calls him a liar. 

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