Bigg Boss 15 Day 34 written update: Umar Riaz beats Miesha Iyer to become new captain of house


New Delhi: Friday’s episode of Bigg Boss begins with housemates waking up to ‘Koi Mil Gaya’ song. Ieshaan tells Miesha to stay with Shamita in order to stay in the game. Karan Kundrra tells Nishant that he finds Umar Riaz to be way smarter than Pratik Sehajpal. 

Bigg Boss announces gifts for housemates from their family members. The gifts are at the ‘happiness station’. Bigg Boss announces a task between Umar and Miesha, and whosoever wins the task, will be the new captain of the house. 

Vishal announces that he doesn’t need his gift. Bigg Boss asks him to throw it in the dustbin. 

Jay Bhanushali requests Miesha for his gift and she agrees. Jay breaks down and gets emotional after receiving his gift. 

Shamita asks Umar to give her the fuel. However, he declines and Shamita becomes upset. 

Nishant announces that he is not an emotional person, and leaves the decision on Miesha and Umar. Umar announces that he won’t be able to give the fuel to Nishant.

Umar gives two slots of fuel to Afsana and she gets her gift from the happiness station. 

Ieshaan announces that she doesn’t need his gift and wants Miesha to become the captain of the house. Later, he has a fight with Afsana after she accuses him of stealing the fuel. 

Nishant and Shamita get into a war of words and the latter calls him insensitive. She says that he made fun of people’s emotions. Shamita also gets into an argument with Shamita.

Tejasswi comes and requests Miesha for the fuel. However, she declines it and calls her emotionless. 

Miesha realises that she is losing the task of captaincy and gives the slot to Pratik, Simba and Rajiv, thus helping them receive Diwali gifts. 

Umar wins the task and he becomes the new captain of the house. 

Nishant tells Karan that for him Pratik, Tejasswi, Karan and Shamita matter to him the most in the house. Karan and Tejasswi talk about equations in the house. 

Shamita tells Vishal Kotian that she misses Raqesh Bapat.

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