Bhumi Pednekar decided to devote time to COVID-affected on seeing what her mother went through


Mumbai: Actress Bhumi Pednekar says the ordeal her mother faced owing to COVID-19 made her realise that if the privileged people of the country went through such a harrowing time amidst the pandemic, it must be worse for others.

“When I saw what my mother was going through because of the virus, I had told myself that I would devote time to save as many people as possible. If we, the privileged people of the country, can go through such harrowing time, just imagine what others much be going through,” she said.

“It is our duty as citizens of the country to stand up and do something. It is our duty to be there for our fellow citizens,” she added.

About her initiative, COVID Warrior, she said: “It has been overwhelming to receive so many SOS calls from across the country. Our mission has been to help as many people as possible. I am sure we will win over the virus. For now, we will have to stand next to each other and help. We will have to constantly look out for each other.”

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