Beta Ho Toh Aisa actress Savita Bajaj suffers financial crisis, says ‘I pay Rs 7000 rent for one room kitchen in Malad and all my savings have dried up’


New Delhi: Veteran actress Savita Bajaj, who featured in several notable movies back in the early 90s is suffering from a huge financial crisis. She recently opened up on how she has used all her savings and is also battling ill-health. 

In an interview with Times of India, Savita Bajaj said, “My savings have dried up. I have spent all the money on my failing health. I have developed serious breathing issues and don’t know how I will manage now.”

Savita is an alumni of the prestigious National School of Drama (NSD). 

She added, “The writers’ association had helped me with rupees one lakh in 2016 after I was hospitalised following an accident. CINTAA, too, had helped me with `50,000. But today, I am not in a condition to work owing to my poor health. I have every intention to pay back the money once I resume work, but right now, I’m not in a condition to work due to my poor health. Sadly, I have nobody who can take care of me today. Around 25 years ago, I had decided to move back to my hometown, Delhi, but no one in my family wanted to keep me. I have earned a lot, helped those in need, but today I need help.”

“I want someone to build an old age home for actors like me who are on their own. I don’t have my own home in Mumbai even after working for so many years. I live on rent in a one-room kitchen in Malad. I pay `7,000 as rent. I didn’t want to ask for money, but it’s going to be difficult for me to manage now”, Savita Bajaj added.

The only source of livelihood for her at present is CINTAA’s Rs 2,500 and Rs 5,000 which the writers’ association offers her respectively. 

Savita Bajaj was also seen in a few TV shows such as Nukkad, Maayka and Kavach among others. 

A few days back, actress Shagufta Ali recently opened up on suffering financial crunch and battling ill health. She also talked about how due to no work available it is difficult to manage her own medical expenses and that of her mother. 

She received help from a few celebrities after her confession.



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