Bengali TV actor Suvo Chakraborty threatens to commit suicide during Facebook live, rescued by police


New Delhi: Popular Bengali television actor Suvo Chakraborty threatened to end his life during his live Facebook session on June 8, 2021. He reportedly cited unemployment over a year as the reason for him wanting to end his life. 

According to Times of India report, after this shocking Facebook Live threat, Suvo Chakraborty’s friends alerted the police, who got on time and rescued the actor. The TOI report quoted a police spokesperson as saying, “We consider such matters very seriously. Yesterday night we got a call from a Facebook user about the incident and quickly responded. He is safe. We spoke with Suvo’s sister too.”

Suvo Chakraborty wrote ‘I Quit’ on his Facebook post and ended his live session which left fans and well-wishers worried.

The actor got to fame with Mangal Chandi, which went off-air last year due to the deadly novel coronavirus induced lockdown. 

Suvo has worked in TV shows such as Mangal Chandi, Irabotir Chupkotha and Manasa. 

The popular TV show Mangal Chandi is a mythological drama featuring Adrija Auddy Roy, Sreyasri Roy, Shamik Chakraborty and Nabanita Malakar among others.


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