Beautykart evolving as an imminent beauty hub in the Asia-pacific and Middle East regions


Whether people have become slothful to hit the shops or Covid restrictions lack shopping freedom, Beauty audiences are now shifting towards E-commerce. 2020 has indeed witnessed the biggest rise in online sales in the pandemic era. While many beauty start-ups established, they have not been able to accommodate many audiences. While the virus prevailed, so did the counterfeits.

Despite almost falling into a depressed economy, Makeup and skincare are reigning in the market segment even today. Global presence has been imminent in the beauty community. Beauty has now emerged as a medium for cultural exchanges. Beauty challenges have become excellent catalysts for bloggers to create and innovate like no other. Creators and our very own B-audience have amplified their quarantine time to explore brands at the local and global level respectfully.

In this scenario, they are subjected to heavy-duty fines or if being shipped from abroad, they reach the shipping address after forever. Transparency and timeless logistics is the need of the hour.  BeautyKart, an E-commerce retailer has stepped up the beauty game just right. Not only do they hold authentic retailer’s certificate but also redefined transparency through their website and services. Their website involves sections that cater to unique beauty needs and preferences –namely for audiences who seek products from local, international and niche brands from all realms of personal care and hygiene. Best of all, you can now access products from any part of the country and undoubtedly any part of the world. Further, They have partnered up with leading courier services to ensure hassle-free delivery to every customer irrespective of their locality or area. To accentuate their retail experience, they are also in talks to launch an information hub that informs everyone about the usage and efficacy of featured products on the website. Need we Say Personalized shopping is much needed this season?

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