Ananya Panday birthday special: Five heart-melting pics with her furry friends!


New Delhi: Ananya Panday, who turned 23 years old on Saturday (October 30) is a very talented and hard-working actress. At such a young age she is all set to become the youngest Pan-India star, thanks to her dedication and skills.

The actress has been busy throughout the year with work, however, she has always had the time to share cute pictures with her furry friends.

Here’s a look at all the times the actress shared a lovely click with her furry riends.


Get someone who looks at you the way Astro looks at Ananya. The actress wore a simple white top and a watch as she smiled happily with her friend. Astro meanwhile looked at Ananya as if he had his whole world in front of his eyes. Now if this doesn’t make you go ‘Aw’ then nothing will.



Holding your loved one close to your heart is always special! Ananya Panday also holds someone special close to her heart as she donned a black one-piece and went for an open hair while holding her friend and being all teary-eyed with joy. The puppy too felt loved as it felt all comfy and homely in the actress’s hands.


The more the merrier! Ananya Panday posing with not one but two Pawed friends surely make it even better. The actress shared a series of pictures with her ‘boys’ and Astro just could not help himself but smile while looking at her and this reminds us of our friends be it furred ones or not.


Sharing a secret? Astro surely loves talking to Ananya as he gets close and personal with Ananya in this click. The two of them share a bond so nice that they could do just with each others company. Ananya even danced for Astro as he shied away and walked away but not before Ananya cutely went and hugged him.


Christmas without family is incomplete! They say that family makes festivals better and that applies to Astro as well. The doggo made it to Ananya’s naughty list and was even present by her side when the actress decided to decorate the house for Christmas. Now, this is what we call friendship and we cannot unsee this lovely companionship.

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