After reviving talk of political foray, Rajini issues clarification saying ‘No intention to enter politics’


Chennai: Actor Rajinikanth has performed a flip-flop within an hour of addressing the media saying that he will discuss with fans regarding his political future and the role of his political launch vehicle – Rajini Makkal Mandram (Rajini People’s Forum).

Speaking to the media outside his residence on Monday, the actor recalled that he couldn’t meet fans and functionaries after saying (In late December) that he would not be exerting politics owing to medical reasons and the threat of COVID-19. On the developments over the past few months, he informed, the shooting of his upcoming flick ‘Annaathe’ has been delayed due to Assembly election in Tamil Nadu and the second wave of COVID-19. Following which the superstar travelled to the US for his routine medical check-up. 

He said that everyone had questions over the role of his Rajini Makkal Mandram, whether they should continue, what role would they perform and whether Rajini was going to foray into politics in future, among others. He told reporters that he would speak to his functionaries and revert with an announcement. 

Barely an hour after setting tongues wagging about a possible political foray, Rajini issued a statement that said he had no intentions of entering politics. 

“Owing to the circumstances we couldn’t accomplish what we had aspired for (political foray). I don’t have the intention of entering politics in future. Hence Rajini Makkal Mandram and its allied organizations will be disbanded. For now, all the state-level and district-level functionaries appointed as a part of RMM, can revert to social service activities as a part of the earlier Rajinikanth Fans Welfare Association” read his statement. 

It is important to note that the actor had transformed his Rajinikanth Fans Welfare Association into Rajini Makkal Mandram (Rajini People’s Forum), with the intention of using it as a political launch vehicle. 

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