Aamir Khan would love to see Lagaan’s remake as his iconic film completes 20 years


New Delhi: Aamir Khan, also known as ‘Mr Perfectionist’ in Bollywood, reminisces about Lagaan (2001) –  a film that managed to win audience love and also heap good reviews from the critics. The movie was in fact nominated for Oscars but did not bag the trophy.

Lagaan was also the first film that the actor produced. As the movie completed 20 years on June 14, Aamir spoke to a news daily about the film after which he never gave a flop as an actor.

“Ashu (Lagaan director Ashutosh Gowariker) had given two films before this, which weren’t so successful. So, while I trusted him, his script and his ability that’s why I was going ahead, par kahin par ek darr bhi lagta hai ki, yeh beeda utha kar humne kono galti toh nahi ki (laughs),” shares Aamir Khan on taking the leap of faith with Lagaan both as an actor and a first-time producer to Hindustan Times.

Mr Perfectionist calls Lagaan his most unprepared performance. “I think my lack of prep in Lagaan, I can honestly blame it on my work as a producer (chuckles). Itna kaam tha as a producer ki main as an actor prep nahi kar paaya. Also, it was the first film I was producing, and I was paying more attention that nothing goes wrong. So, Lagaan is probably my most unprepared performance, as a result,” says the actor.

Aamir however has no reservations if anyone wants to remake his iconic film. “Why not? I’m not possessive about these things,” says the 56 years old.

He further added, “I mean, if another creative team wants to do so and bring their perspective and point of view, I’d not like to stop anyone. I’d rather say make a better one that what we did and maybe we’d learn from them of whatever we missed. I have no problem. In fact, I’d find it interesting to see how they make Lagaan in today’s times, because Ashu and I won’t be a part of it, so Bhuvan jo karega, kaise karega.”

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