Aadat: Mahii Singh Rajput’s new song with heart touching story is out now


The music video of the song is shot in the ‘City Beautiful’ Chandigarh. Mahii Singh Rajput has come up with her first song, Aadat, with a very emotional and heart touching story. The video narrates the story of a blind girl, played by Mahii Singh Rajput, who is also suffering from cancer. The character, Mahii, is an aspiring Singer. And the story revolves around her journey of achieving her dreams as a singer. Being a cancer patient, how she fights with the ongoing situations and how she finally wins the hearts of people, on online platforms, after she dies. 

The story is all about an unconditional love where, after knowing that Mahii is not going to survive for more than a month, how her boyfriend motivates her and encourages her for singing. The story becomes more emotional, when Mahii’s boyfriend, played by Sunny Sachdeva, arranged a fake live concert for Mahii, so that she can feel the success as an singer before she dies and how this video gets viral on online platforms. Written by Mahii Singh Rajput herself, the beautiful song is sung by Shubham Raj Nikumbh and Shikha Joshi. The story and concept are also written by Mahii Singh Rajut and is directed by Anmol Kamboj.

Mahii Singh is looking stunningly beautiful in the song yet, simple and innocent. It is a well know saying that, no matter what kind of character an actor chooses to portray, the key is to go the extra mile, and Mahii Singh Rajput has proven this right through her acting skills. Mahii Singh Rajput has played the character, as a blind girl and as an aspiring singer, so beautifully that one can actually feel the passion a singer and the struggle and pain of a cancer patient in her eyes, her expressions and through her entire body language.

Born and brought up in Delhi, Mahii Singh Rajput, started practicing dance and acting when she was just 4 years old. At the age of 19 years, she started her professional career as a model. She came to Mumbai in 2019 and did her acting diploma course from Indian Television Academy – ITA. 

Mahii Singh Rajput has always been a very brilliant student. She has completed her B.tech degree from IIT Delhi and her diploma in management from IIM Indore. Being such a bright student, it is always difficult to switch the carrier to a completely different profession. But as always should be the case, dreams won over expectations. Even her family supported her. Her Father, being a teacher, always wanted her to do some government job. But here as well, daughter’s love won. 

As if being one of the bests in academics, a good dancer and actor and of course is stunningly beautiful, the god has gifted her with a beautiful heart as well. She is helping her father in running a NGO “Vision”. 

Mahii Singh Rajput loves and have actively participated in extracurricular activities since her school day. She has more than 40 winning certificates. Apart from that, she loves to travel a lot. She has done sky diving from Hyderabad, bungee jumping and river rafting from Rishikesh, Scuba diving from Goa and have gone on tracking sites including Manali, Kedarnath, Chadar Trek in Ladakh, Munnar in Kerala.      

Having done her first project, Mahii Singh Rajput is parallelly working on three other projects as a producer and as an actor. She is expecting her next albums to be released very soon with renowned Music Composers and Singers like Ankit Tiwari and Javed Ali.

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