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Engage in an in-depth analysis of anti-national narratives: Vice- President

The Vice-President of India Jagdeep Dhankhar on Wednesday said that everyone must engage in an in-depth analysis of anti-national narratives and unwholesome Parliamentary practices where the discussion, debate, dialogue and deliberation and respect for other people’s opinions could take place.

Vice-President Jagdeep Dhankhar (PTI)

Speaking at the inauguration of the renovated library of the Indian Council of World Affairs (ICWA) at Sapru House, New Delhi, the Vice-President said that we cannot afford disturbance to be weaponised as a political India has to rise.

“It is with great pain, I indicate to you because you have to examine global affairs, proceedings of the Senate, Congress, House of Commons. In our own Constituent Assembly, there were dialogues, debates, deliberations and discussions but no disruption, no disturbance. Now, when India is rising, can we afford disturbance to be weaponised as a political power? We cannot,” Dhankar said.

“Now in the country, the wisest will come to know only about the Constituent Assembly, but you will have a view. You can pick up 20 countries, does slogan-shouting happen there?… Do they show placards?” Dhankar said, taking a dig at the Opposition parties’ protest in the last session of the Parliament over the Manipur issue.

He also said, “Narratives that are pernicious, sinister, and anti-national in character floated periodically. When it does not go your way, you can go to Europe, you can go to the UK, there will always be some takers, because rise of this country, home to one-sixth of humanity is phenomenal and unimaginable, a global destination of investment and opportunity. Your role is sufficient in neutralising such a crafted strategy only to taint, tarnish, demean, and decimate our Constitutional institutions”.

On One Nation, One Election, he said that one may disagree to it or oppose it tooth and nail but saying we will not discuss it is not democracy. “Democratic values plunge, the blossoming of democracy takes a big hit, when we get away from dialogue and deliberation. I cannot be happy presiding over the Rajya Sabha, what example are we setting for you?… People will have their political views, we respect the other’s point of view, we can’t immediately throw others’ point of view out of the window, but then there has to be discussion, debate, dialogue and deliberation. I look forward to the special session.”

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Dhankar called India’s G20 presidency a breakthrough. “There was legitimate, rightful emergence of India as a global power. India’s interests are dictated by the interests of its people. We never had a Foreign Affairs Minister who got so much applause for being forthright. The foreign minister has engaged into an activity that has resulted in the Delhi Declaration being totally consensual, which is in line with India’s foreign policy, India’s public stance. The orientation is organically evolved in our country,” Dhankhar said.

On digital development in the country, he said, “The world is surprised at the kind of technology penetration this country has had. Everyone had to pay for service charges, to apply for government facilities, to apply for a passport. The long queues used to be there, you ask your elders, they would have to take half a day’s leave from the office to deposit a water bill, electricity bill, now this big change has come but you are the authentic platform to indicate to the world that our accomplishment on a global horizon is 46% of the world,” he said, adding: “We are four times in digital transactions in the USA, UK, France, and Germany, this if you say and someone does research seriously and goes to micro-level- it matters.”

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