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Elvish Yadav Clears The Air On Youtuber Maxtern’s Assault Accusation

New Delhi: Elvish Yadav finds himself amidst yet another controversy, this time involving YouTuber Sagar Thakur, also known as ‘Maxtern’. Thakur has filed an FIR against Elvish Tadav for alleged assault. Addressing the situation, Elvish Yadav has released a video providing his perspective on the incident, shedding light on the sequence of events leading up to the altercation.

According to Elvish Yadav, his acquaintance with Maxtern dates back to his stint on Bigg Boss. However, he claims that Maxtern has persistently provoked him, crossing the line with derogatory remarks about his parents, which triggered his anger.

Elvish Yadav alleged that Maxtern orchestrated a confrontation by luring him into a setup with cameras and microphones, intending to entrap him. He recounted Maxtern’s threatening words, alleging that Maxtern threatened to harm him and his family, particularly incensing him on Women’s Day.

Elvish Yadav released a comprehensive video, detailing his grievances against Maxtern. He asserted that while he had known Maxtern for about eight months and had met him once, Maxtern’s continuous provocations had already fueled his resentment. However, it was Maxtern’s derogatory comments about his mother that pushed him over the edge.

In the video Elvish Yadav claimed that he reached out to Maxtern after the incident as he felt bad and invited Thakur to his home. However, to his surprise, Maxtern filed an FIR against him, allegedly seeking to press charges under section 307 for attempted murder, a claim that Elvish Yadav vehemently denies.

Elvish Yadav also addressed the public response to the incident, urging people to refrain from passing judgment without understanding the full context. He expressed confidence in the legal system and requested Haryana CM Manohar Lal Khattar’s intervention for a fair investigation.

Elvish Yadav also offered apologies for his actions, expressing remorse to both his supporters and those affected by the altercation. 

The controversy between Elvish Yadav and Maxtern errupted from a Twitter spat and escalated into a physical altercation, as evidenced by CCTV footage emerging just a day prior to these developments. Maxtern has also filed an FIR against Elvish Yadav, alleging assault.

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