Lucknow students Pride Business Conclave gives LGBTQ+ community a platform


The Social Legal economic Consortium, a student-led consultancy firm, held Pride Business Conclave on Monday to help the members LGBTQ+ community to present their business to a wider audience.

With more than 500 attendees, 50 businesses, 2 guest speakers and investors from across the nation, this event turned out to be a success, claimed Kinjalk Sharma, managing partner of the firm who is studying in class 12 at La Martiniere College.

Renowned LGBTQ+ community activist Grace Banu, who joined the conclave from Chennai, appreciated the efforts of the student-led startup for organising this event, said Sharma.

Megha Nandi, Lucknow-based LGBTQ activist, talked about the different reactions of parents to the queerness of their children. Rising Star India fame, Aayush Sehta, a renowned violinist performed the song ‘Born this Way’ by Lady Gaga.

The efforts of two non-profit organisations-Mortal’s Welll-being Trust (a student led nonprofit organisation) and Lipstick Under Your Patriarchy (a student run nonprofit feminist blog) were also recognised during the event.

The hosts for the event were Aryaman Sethi and Kritin Bhasin, both students of La Martiniere College in grade 10. Suyash Shukla, Ameya Gupta and Vinayak Tandon elaborated on the businesses that took part in the event.

Kinjalk talked about the development of people with time and education to understand the concepts of gender, sexual orientation, etc.

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