Faceoff between students and management of IIT Indore over reopening of campus


The final year students of IIT Indore have raised a demand for reopening the campus for gaining practical knowledge as they don’t want to do engineering just for the degrees.

The Student Gymkhana (SG) president Shreyansh Jain and the secretary sent an email to the director Nilesh Jain in this regard.

However, the institute management said they won’t reopen the campus amid possibility of the third wave of Covid 19. The director Nilesh Jain asked a dean of student affairs (DOSA) to take disciplinary action against the SG president and other students for interfering in the institute matters.

Requesting anonymity, a MTech student said, “We attended online classes for the first year but in our second-year project work is very important which is impossible to learn virtually. We have to go to labs to learn engineering. We have requested the director to allow only final year students of Btech, Mtech and MSc for practical but he refused to listen to us.”

Another student said, “A few IITs have reopened the campuses for final year students but IIT Indore management doesn’t want to bear our responsibilities. We are ready to follow Covid 19 protocols but instead of understanding our issues. They threatened us in an email of taking disciplinary action.”

“On Sunday, we received an email in which the director called our demand unconstitutional. The director said students gymkhana has been continuously interfering in the institute issues and violating the constitution of Student Gymkhana. He also asked the dean of student affairs (DOSA) to refer this matter to the disciplinary action committee of the institute,” said a group of students.

“He is lying about constitution. The students have the right to raise the issue. If the management doesn’t listen to us, we will do virtual protest, they added.

However, the director Nilesh Jain said the management is trying to convince the students that life is more important than career and they will do certain arrangements after this Covid 19 will get over.

“We didn’t receive any order of Ministry of education of reopening of campuses. Some IITs reopened the campuses at their own risk, but I don’t want to take any risk with the lives of students as 75 people inside the campus were tested positive a few months ago. If any student fell ill, who will be responsible for this,” he added.

We didn’t threaten them but trying to convince the students. he added.

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