Evaluation of answer sheets: Unhappy AKTU students take to Twitter


Students of the Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University (AKTU) have voiced their dissatisfaction over their results declared over Thursday and Friday. Reasons for dissatisfaction are many but the primary ones remain: poor evaluation by the teachers, incomplete results. The students are demanding a fresh evaluation of all their answer sheets.

A third semester, Civil Engineering student, Vishal Rajput, also blamed teachers of not evaluating their answer sheets properly. Vishal has appealed to university officials to get their copies rechecked again. He said that even toppers were awarded less marks.

Savita Rauniyar, a third semester student, claimed her result was showing incomplete. She enquired when her result will be updated to which AKTU replied saying ‘your results will be updated soon’.

Taking to Twitter, Anurag Verma claimed that he never expected this kind of result. “I don’t know how our copies are being checked. I really can’t believe this. I think our copies were not appropriately evaluated. And for the university, it would be very convenient to say ‘apply for rechecking’,” he tweeted.

Rohan, another student, said, “I sincerely feel that marking of the answer sheet was not done correctly/properly. As a result, this has adversely impacted the marks of all candidates.” He urged the university officials to look into the matter and do needful as this would affect careers.

Harshita Singh tweeted, “I got my third semester examination result recently. I’m really saddened by the fact that despite giving my best in internal exams, I’ve been awarded less marks which eventually affects my entire cumulative grade point average (CGPA).”

Yet another student, Ankita Dwivedi, claimed she had submitted all her documents in the given period of time. “But my enrolment has not yet been verified due to which my exam result of (MBA first semester) has been withheld. Please resolve this issue as soon as possible,” her tweet reads.

Ankit’s tweet accuses teachers of not co-operating with students. “You have declared such a bad result,” his tweet reads.

Updesh Chauhan said, “AKTU took almost 90 days to publish results, still the quality of evaluation is substandard. I was awarded less marks in a subject that I thought would get me more marks.” His worries don’t end there. “And my worry is they are going to conduct exams within two months of the starting semester. Am confident that evaluation will be even worse,” he tweeted.

Lalit Chaudhary too demanded proper checking of his answer sheets.

Yashvee Singh claimed she did fairly well in the exam yet she was awarded inadequate marks.

Abhishek Kumar questioned AKTU why there has been average marking while Divyansh Gautam tweeted he took the worst decision in life by taking admission in the AKTU.

When contacted, Rajeev Kumar, controller of examination, AKTU, said, “The evaluation of copies has been fair. There’s no way that you can satisfy students. I don’t buy students’ arguments that our teachers have not evaluated copies well. If any student has doubts over evaluation they may challenge the evaluation.”


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