DU online exams 2021: Important instruction for candidates


DU online exams 2021: The online examinations for Delhi University begins on Monday, March 15, 2021. The varsity on Sunday, March 14 issued guidelines for the online open-book semester examination 2021 on its official website.

According to the guidelines, the students will have to answer the questions on A4 Size papers and mark page numbers on the top of each page.

On the first page, the student should write the following details:

a. Date and time of examination

b. Examination Roll Number

c. Name of the Program i.e. B.A., B.Com., B.Sc. (Hons./Pass), etc

d. Semester

e. Unique Paper Code (UPC)

f. Title of the Paper

g. Name of the College/Institute

h. E-mail ID of the student

i. Mobile Number of the student

“The duration of the Examination shall be 4 hours. Out of which 3 hours shall be given to the students for answering the questions, and the remaining one hour shall be utilized for downloading the question papers, scanning the answer sheet in the PDF/JPEG format, and uploading the scanned PDF/JPEG of answer sheets on the Portal. The duration of the Examination shall be 6 hours for the students belonging to the Divyaang (PwBD) Category,” reads the official guidelines.

Instructions for candiates opting for the Remote Mode (Home):

(i) Candidates can write the examination from any part of the country.

(ii) Students will require a laptop/desktop/mobile phone/any other appropriate device with adequate internet connectivity for accessing the varsity portal, downloading question paper, and uploading answer sheets.

(iii) Students will have to scan the answer sheet question-wise and upload the respective PDF/JPEG file on the OBE portal, the file size of each answer should be within the 7 MB limit. Only PDF/JPEG format without any password will be accepted.

(iv) A system-generated acknowledgment will be sent to the student’s registered e-mail after submission of the answers sheets on the portal.

(v) The students who had opted for Remote Mode (Home) shall not be permitted to appear through Physical Mode (College).

Instructions for candidates opting for the Physical Mode (College):

(i) Candidates will have to appear for the examination at their respective Colleges/Institutes according to the seating plan prescribed by the College/ Institute.

(ii) Candidates will be provided all the ICT facilities including a computer by the College/Institute for downloading question paper, scanning of answer sheets, and uploading answer sheets on the OBE Portal.

(iii) Candidates should bring the A4 Size Papers for writing the answers.

(iv) The students who have opted Physical Mode (College) may appear in Remote Mode (Home) if he/she desires.

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