DU aspirants start meme fest: Cut offs vs CUCET stress


Cancellation of board exams for 12th standard led to a flood of memes on social media, on the possibility of CUCET becoming the criteria for DU admission. Many students and aspirants of Delhi University made and uploaded memes to take a dig at the situation.

By Aprajita Sharad, New Delhi

UPDATED ON JUN 03, 2021 11:42 AM IST

With the news of cancellation of the board exams for 12th standard trending, meme lords on social media had a field day. With memes around how cut offs have become redundant to hilarious suggestions on what now should be the criteria for getting admissions in to the university, DU aspirants and students across India spread laughter over everyone’s timelines. “DU ka toh yehi chalta rehta hai. Kabhi CUCET ko importance deta hai, kabhi cut off ko. Now that board exams have been waived off, the confusion is whether admission to DU will be based on the final assessment that the school gives us or will it conduct an entrance exam. Humari life toh dhobi ke pet dog se bhi bhattar ho gayi hai,” jokes Sooraj Malviya, a DU aspirant from Mumbai.

Students took to social media to express their fear and confusion regarding the unclarity around DU admissions.

Students of DU took to various social media platforms to make memes to take a dig at the situation of DU aspirants. Chitwan Jain, a student of Delhi College of Arts and Commerce, says, “I came to know that exams were cancelled which created a chaos among DU aspirants on basis of admission, also the legacy of DU releasing as high as 100% cutoffs was on stake. So I decided to put my skills to use and created memes on the situation. My meme went viral and many campus based meme pages shared it! I guess the meme was relatable. Ab seniors mazze nahi lenge toh kaun lega!”

DU aspirants are glad that they don’t have to give board exams and are waiting further clarity on the admission process to come in from the authorities. “Meme fest toh theek hai magar mushkil badti nazar aa rahi hai. If they take CUCET then logistics for the same will have to be considered. If they base cut offs on final assessment given by our schools, then I hope the schools won’t calculate the final marks basis our pre boards kyunki uske liye koi nahi padta. If they do a combination of cut off and CUCET then I think #BachheKiJaanLogeKya will soon start trending on social media,” says Aditi Shrivastav, a DU aspirant from Haryana.

Rajeev Gupta, Dean Students’ Welfare, had told us on Monday that the decision to conduct CUCET or rely on the merit based assessment of the school board was yet to be decided. “The decision for CUCET being conducted for DU aspirants has to be taken by NTA and the education ministry and as of now there is no certain clarity about the matter. However, DU will support whatever decision is taken in this regard and it supports the decision to cancel the exams amid the pandemic.”

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