CWUR rankings: JU ranks 18th among Indian higher educational institutions


Jadavpur University occupies the 18th ranking among all Indian higher educational institutions in World University Rankings 2021/22 in the Centre for World University Ranking (CWUR), Vice Chancellor Prof Suranjan Das said Thursday.

Among the top 2,000 institutions across the globe, 68 Indian institutions have made the positions in that list and Jadavpur University has been accorded the 18th position among the Indian institutions, Das said.

Another premier state university of West Bengal, Calcutta University occupies the 20th rank among the Indian higher educational institutions in CWUR.

Among the state universities of the country, Jadavpur University has been ranked second, just below the Punjab University.

Calcutta University occupies the third place among the state universities in the country, according to the list.

Das said the continuing academic and scientific research activities by researchers and faculty of JU, despite the pandemic situation since past year, contributed to the feat and said “we will be in pursuit of this overall academic excellence.”

JU occupies 1,032 in the overall Global Ranking of CWUR, Das said.

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