CBSE Class Result 2021: Inclusion of internal tests a worry for students, parent


Though the revised formula to evaluate Class 12 results, notified by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) on Thursday, has put an end to months of uncertainty, several graduating students and their parents have raised concerns over including the internal scores of classes 11 and 12 while calculating the final marks.

Endorsing the use of Class 10 board exam marks in the results, Riya Chauhan (17), a Class 12 student of Modern Public School in Shalimar Bagh, said that taking internal test scores of classes 11 and 12 may put students at a disadvantage. “Internal assessments in classes 11 and 12 are always tough. Besides, students were appearing for various competitive examinations while preparing for their pre-boards,” she said.

Another student said that he gave a satisfactory performance in the Class 10 boards and subsequent internals, but expressed concern about classmates who often study at the last minute for the boards. Kunal Singh, a Class 12 student at a government school in Nand Nagri, said, “I have scored good marks in all three years. But not every student has the same studying pattern. Many study better at the last minute and perform well in the boards as compared to school exams.”

Prachi Kacker, whose daughter studies in Class 12 in The Indian School, said they have “accepted the criteria” and want to focus on the future now. “Class 11 students are not serious with their academics because they have just appeared for one board exam and have to prepare for another next year. The same batch of students was pushed towards isolation in Class 12 last year and that too impacted their studies. Though CBSE has given an option to reappear for the exams if they are not satisfied with the marks, it is not practical because it would mean losing another year. These children have to move on.”

Aprajita Gautam, president of Delhi Parents Association and the mother of a Class 12 student, said, “Students of Class 11 take some time to settle in with their new subjects and curriculum. Schools also mark strictly in Class 11 to prepare them for boards. Class 12 pre-boards were also conducted amid the chaos of the pandemic.”

However, allaying students’ fears over the inclusion of the Class 11 scores in the formula, Ashok Pandey, director of Ahlcon Schools in Delhi, said, “If some people think including the Class 11 marks will disadvantage students, they should also consider that the best-of-three marks in the Class 10 weightage will compensate for it. Overall, the formula is student-friendly.”

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