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CBSE Board Exams 2021: How to prepare in the remaining time

Appearing in board exams is a very important event for every student, as it marks a major transition in their academic lives. It is that crucial time, when students look up to their parents and teachers for help and support. Little support and motivation from them can really lift their spirits and improve their performance.

Most students preparing for CBSE board exams must have already covered their syllabus by now. So this period should be effectively utilised for revision. Meticulous planning is important for good outcome, and one should keep focus on gaining conceptual understanding of the subjects rather than just mugging them up. The stage has arrived where revision is the most important aspect of the preparation process and the best way to tackle it is to have a well-structured and organised revision strategy.

Preparation for the board exams should be balanced with emphasis on each subject, with special attention on weak areas. Worrying and brooding about the results will only have a negative impact on the ability to study and perform well and so students must avoid panicking. Discipline and dedication is very important at this point. The two major factors that play vital role in preparation at this stage include management of time and stress.

Make a proper time table or schedule (you can discuss with experts) and work on that with discipline. Work on your goal and just believe in yourself.

Utilise your time wisely:

In order to attain what you aspire for; it is vital to have the right preparation strategy and follow it strictly. Make the most of the preparation time left for board exams through optimum revisions. Be wise and plan out a well-structured strategy that caters to the requirement of the board exams.

1. Three Tier revision method – Three tier revision method suggests that students should first revise the topic on the same day, then after 3 days and then revise the same topic at the end of the week. This way, you will be able to get a strong hold on topics and subjects and they will stay in your memory for a longer period. If you revise a topic the same day when you study it, you find it easy to revise and grab; while on the other hand if you revise that topic after a few days of studying it, it becomes difficult to understand and revise and consumes more time.

2. Learn long-subjective answers – One of the time-consuming practices is to learn the long subjective answers and hence a strategy should be made as per the students grasping power to retain them. Split up the answers into paragraphs and make bullet points for easy remembrance.

3. Only NCERT Textbooks – Choosing the right study material is also one of the most important aspects of time management. When school students are flooded with all kinds of reference books from different publishing houses, it is vital to follow the right book without losing the track. NCERT textbooks serve the best purpose for students attempting the board exams as it has the valuable content, most relevant as per the pattern of board exams. Getting thorough with the chapters and topics in the NCERT ensures better scoring chances for the boards.

Stress Management

With exams nearing, students must be getting nervous about their preparations. In such situations the best things to do is to relax. The following tips will help in stress management and boost your performance:

1. Take regular breaks and relax: Do not sit for long hours together in a panic to study all at once, instead take small and frequent breaks at least after one hour of focussed revision. These intervals are essential for the brain to retrieve information and revive the energy, making you ready for the next sessions.

2. Self-motivation along with determination: If a student believes that his performance may not be up to the mark and worry about the same his or her focus will get lost . Stay focussed. There may be many distractions and thoughts running in the mind. Focus and overcome the complications with determination, to learn effectively.

3. Don’t underestimate yourself: Take guidance from education experts at coaching institutes. When students lack motivation, experts share tips and tricks on how to focus and achieve success. Each student is different, so never compare and demoralise yourself.

Remember, the grades or marks that you score in examinations do play a vital role in determining your career graph. So, stay focused on your goal and put your best foot forward to bridge the gap between your aspiration and reality. Just do your best with a positive attitude and confidence and there would be no reason for you to stumble.

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