CBSE board exam 2022 datesheet: 10 points for students


CBSE board exam 2022 datesheets will be announced today. This year the CBSE will hold the board exams in two phases or terms this year. The first term will be held in November-December and the second term in March-April. All the exams will be held offline, the CBSE has said. 

CBSE datesheet will be released on the official website of the Board,

CBSE board exam 2022 datesheet: 10 points for students

  1. Download the CBSE datesheet from official website only. The official website of the board is
  2. Verify the CBSE datesheet from your teachers and school head to be confirmed that it is the correct schedule.
  3. Follow the official and verified social media accounts of the CBSE for exam-related updates.
  4. Be extra careful about the major and minor subjects. Do not miss an update from school regarding the exam dates for minor subjects.
  5. Due to winter season, the exam will begin at 11.30 am instead of 10.30 am.
  6. The examination will be objective type and will cover only a part of the syllabus. Students should follow the syllabus given by the board only.
  7. On the exam day, reading time of 20 minutes will be provided. Make use of that time. Earlier 15 minutes of reading time was allowed to students.
  8. No student will be placed in pass, compartment and essential repeat category in term 1 exam
  9. In case the situation of the pandemic forces complete closure of schools during November-December 2021 term 1 examination would be done by students online/offline from home.
  10. In case the situation of the pandemic improves and students are able to come to schools or centres for taking the exams the CBSE would conduct term 1 and term 2 examinations at schools/centres and the theory marks will be distributed equally between the two exams.

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