CBSE 12th Board Exams 2021: Preparation tips for Physics paper by expert


CBSE Class 12 Physics examination 2021 will be held on June 8 from 10.30am till 1.30pm. This paper is divided into two parts – Theory (70 marks) and Practical (30 marks). In the Science stream, this is one subject which is a constant source of anxiety among students. However, correct preparation strategy and timely intervention can bring desired results without having much stress.

Practice more questions: Even though the pattern of the paper changes every time by some amount, however, major chunk ( 2 mark, 3 mark and 5 mark) remains same. And hence, it is advised to go through sample papers and past year papers in order to gauge what level of questions are asked. Only making notes cannot suffice for acing this examination.

Check marks distribution of units and prepare easy chapters first: One of the common strategies of preparation start with the study of the first unit Electrostatics and Current Electricity. The number of topics under this unit is quite huge, however the marks assigned are not that much. Hence, a better strategy will be to complete less demanding units first which have more marks, eg – Modern Physics. Completing second part of NCERT textbook is comparatively easier than completing first part.

Making brief notes in mind map form: Making notes in the form of mind map helps establishing connections between the topics and this becomes useful when answering assertion-reason type questions.

Practice making diagrams: As is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, hence diagrams wherever possible should be drawn to aid answers. Practicing circuit diagrams from Electricity, Alternating Current, Electromagnetic Induction etc. and ray diagrams from Optics is a must.

Utilising 15 minutes of Reading time properly: Half of the battle is won if anyone utilises the extra 15 minutes given for going through the paper mindfully and segregating the questions in three categories viz. fully confident, a bit confident and need to think. Attempting questions in which full confidence is there also becomes and intrinsic motivation to perform better in other questions as well.

Keep track of Units in numerical questions: Another commonly observed issue is forgetting to write answer with proper units. This must be kept in mind that without proper units, any answer is not accepted in science and hence, some marks are deducted. Hence, it is advised to keep a check on the proper usage of units.

General Tips

Read the question carefully especially the questions which are lengthy. Many times wrong comprehension of question becomes a pain point. Understand that preparation for board examinations and competitive examination is different. So proper amount of time must be devoted for the preparation.

Don’t go for making too many notes. Instead practice as many questions as possible. Start with chapter wise questions practice and quickly move on to sample paper solving.

Take proper rest before examination and keep calm on the day of examination.

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