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Dr. Anju Sharma Promotes Mental And Physical Wellness Through Powerful Sound Vibrations

New Delhi: Sound Bowl Healing Therapy is currently the rising trend in the country says famous health practitioner Dr. Anju Sharma. Sound bowl healing therapy, commonly referred to as sound bowl meditation or sound bath, is gaining popularity worldwide, especially in India. Singing bowls, an unusual instrument with therapeutic and restorative qualities, are used in this particular type of therapy.

Dr. Anju Sharma is an expert in using sound vibration as a therapeutic technique. She aids people in achieving total well-being and balances thanks to her knowledge of the power of sound and proficiency in the field.

The concept behind sound vibration treatment, also known as sound healing, is that sound can affect the energy, emotions, and physical states of our bodies. Dr. Anju Sharma uses the therapeutic capabilities of various sound frequencies and vibrations to promote healing and relaxation.

Dr. Anju Sharma uses varieties of sound-producing equipment in her practice, including singing bowls, gongs, tuning forks, and other instruments. These instruments generate certain tones that resonate with different parts of the body and energy centers, known as chakras.

She explains, “These vibrations of instruments have the power to reach deep within the body, fostering calmness, lowering stress levels, and re-establishing equilibrium. Additionally, sound therapy can promote overall health and the body’s natural healing mechanisms!”

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