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Dispelling Common Hair Care Myths During the Transitional Period

As we transition from winter to summer, there are numerous fallacies that are held about the promise of healthy, luscious hair. Suppose you were told or heard that you shouldn’t wash your hair every day because it can cause breakage or that you should periodically oil your hair to treat dandruff. Let’s bust a few of these misconceptions.

Myth 1: You shouldn’t wash your hair every day because it can break your hair.

The truth is that during the summer, our hair is frequently exposed to pollutants, chlorine, and the sun. Therefore delicate cleaning is necessary every day. By using a sulfate-free shampoo, you can maintain your hair’s bounce and shine without stripping it of its natural oils.

Myth 2: Conditioning your hair in the heat makes it oily.

Truth- After being exposed to various elements like sun and chlorine, the hair becomes dry and damaged. Hence, applying a quality conditioner will lessen the dryness and harm done. The use of deep conditioning masks contributes to healthier hair as well. To seal in moisture, conditioner is always applied to the ends or the middle of the hair.

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Myth 3: Because hair oils make hair sticky, they shouldn’t be used in the summer.

Truth: Using hair oil to the hair can give it a layer of defence against damage, keeping it smooth and lustrous. The fatty acids in the oil replenish the hair’s depleted lipids, fortifying it from the inside out.

Myth 4: Frequent haircuts encourage healthier and more robust hair growth.

Truth: Neither the hair roots nor the follicles are impacted by haircuts. The number of split ends will decrease with repeated haircuts.

Myth 5: Healthy hair may be achieved with 100 daily brush strokes.

The truth is that frequent, aggressive brushing can weaken and damage hair. Instead, soft brushing can increase blood flow. Don’t brush wet hair as that can cause hair breaking.

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Myth 6: Often switch out your shampoo and conditioner.

A variety of circumstances, including any chemical treatments you’ve given your hair or where you live, will determine if you need to switch to a new shampoo or conditioner. Your hair may benefit from using the right shampoo and conditioner.

Myth 7: Oiling your hair would eliminate dandruff.

Truth: A skin fungus is what causes dandruff. You cannot get rid of dandruff by oiling your hair. You can resolve your dandruff issues by utilising a decent anti-dandruff shampoo.

Myth 8: Summertime heat style causes more hair damage.

The truth is that heat styling can harm your hair throughout the year, not just in the summer. Before utilising any heat styling tools, always apply a suitable heat protectant to the hair.

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Myth 9: Water may smooth out curly hair.

The truth is that adding water to your hair won’t make it less frizzy; in fact, it can make it more so. Use nourishing hair care products instead to retain moisture in and achieve gorgeous, luscious locks!

Myth 10: Dandruff only occurs in the winter because of the cold and goes away in the summer.

Truth: Even in the summer, dandruff can cause irritation since sweat drying on the scalp can lead to flaking and itching. Start washing your hair more often if you perspire a lot.

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Myth 11: Summertime is when hair growth ceases.

Truth: Due to enhanced skin circulation in the summer, experts have discovered that hair grows 10-15% faster.

Featuring insights from physician and The Bombay Skin Clinic’s founder, Dr. Batul Patel.

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