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Did You Know Abhishek Banerjee Didnt Even Like Jaanas Character In Stree? – Deets Inside

New Delhi: Actor Abhishek Banerjee opens up about his upcoming venture in the highly anticipated sequel, Stree 2. Set to reprise the role of Jaana, Banerjee shares insights into his journey portraying the beloved yet quirky character.

Banerjee, who hails from Delhi, candidly expressed his initial reservations about essaying the role of Jaana, known for his endearing demeanor. “One day Amar Kaushik called me and said he was doing a film called Stree. And interestingly enough and thankfully enough, he said, ‘Why don’t you audition for Jaana?’ I didn’t even like the character,” Banerjee revealed.

The actor shed light on the cultural nuances that initially deterred him from embracing the role, stating, “I am from Delhi and Delhi people don’t like Chomu characters.” However, Banerjee credited director Amar Kaushik’s vision for ultimately steering him towards embracing the character.

Acknowledging the transformative power of Kaushik’s direction and the love Jaana received by the audience, Banerjee expressed gratitude for the opportunity, highlighting the director’s ability to envision beyond conventional stereotypes. “Thanks to Amar Kaushik’s vision, I am here,” Banerjee remarked, emphasizing the pivotal role of directors in fostering creative exploration.

Banerjee’s portrayal of Jaana in the original Stree garnered widespread acclaim for its authenticity and comedic timing. With Stree 2 poised to captivate audiences once again, Banerjee’s reflections on his character journey offer a glimpse into the actor’s dedication to his craft and the collaborative spirit driving the film’s success.

As anticipation mounts for the sequel’s release, fans eagerly await Banerjee’s reprisal of Jaana, anticipating another memorable performance from the versatile actor. Stree 2 promises to deliver a thrilling blend of horror and humor, with Banerjee’s portrayal poised to once again leave an indelible mark on audiences worldwide.


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