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Despite Courses in Data Science, Indians’ Performance Dips in Emerging Skill: Survey

Despite a series of courses being launched in online and offline modes in data science, Indians are not deemed to be skilled in the domain. On the contrary, India has shown poorer performance as compared to previous years. India has fallen four places to be ranked at the 68th position globally in data science proficiency. In Asia, India stands at the 19th position, reveals Coursera’s latest Global Skills Report (GSR) 2022.

The decline in skills in data science is a stark contrast to India’s image in technology-related skills. Considered a hub for tech skills, India’s technology proficiency levels have gone up from 38 per cent to 46 per cent, with the country strengthening its position by six spots. On the other hand, proficiency in data science has dipped from 38 per cent in 2021 to 26 per cent in 2022, leading to a 12-rank drop, according to the report.

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India scores low on foundational and specialized data science skills including data visualization, statistical programming, data management, among others. The strongest skill in the domain for India continues to be machine learning, states the report.

The Global Skills Report benchmarks three of the most in-demand skill areas driving employment in the digital economy – business, technology, and data science. According to the GSR 2022, Indian learners in southern states perform better than those in states in the north across all three domains.

Indian learners in southern states perform better than those in states in the north. State-wise, West Bengal leads the Indian states in terms of skills proficiency.

State-wise, West Bengal leads the Indian states in terms of skills proficiency. West Bengal is ranked the #1 state across the three domains. The state showed the highest levels of digital skills proficiency in the country, outpacing Karnataka (#4 in technology and #6 in data science), the state where India’s Silicon Valley – Bengaluru is situated. Learners in West Bengal also earned a perfect 100 per cent proficiency in more than 10 skills, across the three domains, such as leadership and management, human resources, cloud computing, computer programming, ML, and data analysis.

Andhra Pradesh is one of the top three performing states with high proficiency in business and technology skills. The government’s coordinated approach to skill development, public-private partnerships, and synergy through institutions like Andhra Pradesh State Skill Development Corporation (APSSDC), has created a robust pool of skilled workers. The state learners have 100 per cent proficiency in security engineering, operating systems, and computer networking.

“The Great Resignation and automation are mandating stronger investments in human capital, as institutions must prioritize developing the high-demand digital and human skills required to build a competitive and equitable workforce,” said Jeff Maggioncalda, Coursera CEO. “Our data shows these skills are not equally distributed, and students and low-wage workers need access to flexible, affordable, and fast-tracked pathways to entry-level digital jobs that offer a foundation for a stronger and more inclusive economy.”

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