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‘Desh Ke Naam, Har Aasman’: Air India unveils patriotic video for Republic Day

Air India has unveiled a film on occasion of Republic Day, woven around the theme of patriotism. The air carrier says the film is about ‘aspirations and dreams and a yearning to fulfil the dream’.

The 90-second video released by the airline shows the patriotic zeal in two children who are in love with the tricolour. Be it the ‘Tiranga’ on top of a sand castle made by them on a sea beach to the top of a slide and right on the terrace looking at a highrise.

The film shows the girl proudly holding the tricolour while sitting in an Air India aircraft. An elderly passenger opens the vents to fulfil the girl’s dream of seeing the national flag waving in an aircraft flying thousand feet above the land.

According to Air India, the short video is based on patriotism and the narrative is ‘aesthetically brought out through crisp editing and subtle symbolism’. The makers say the video is special because of the real and inclusive treatment of the theme of patriotism. Renowned playback singer Shaan has lent his voice to the musical video.

The video ends with a sign off note,’Desh ke naam, har aasmaan’. The makers say the message imprints the stamp of India on every horizon of the world and highlights the aspiration of today’s India.

“This audio-visual is our tribute to the Nation. We believe that it is the collective responsibility of every citizen of the nation to join hands and take our nation to ever greater heights – and this film is our small attempt to inspire and encourage people to do the same,” Sunil Suresh, Communications Head, Air India, said.

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